September 26, 2017

The Best Spectator Sports You Might Not Have Tried Before

Are you someone who loves to watch sports? If you are, you should branch out and try some others. There are the key sports that are very popular, but there are so many others out there that you probably haven’t tried watching before. That’s a pretty big mistake because you will be missing out on some of the most thrilling and enthralling spectator … [Read more...]

Surf’s Up! Getting The Right Accessories To Hang Ten So, you’ve seen some surfer “doods” at the beach, and you thought “I want some of that!” Or have you watched Point Break one too many times (the original one)? Either way, if you have wanted to get onboard a board after taking some surfing lessons, and you are totally serious about doing it, there are some things you need than just … [Read more...]

If Aging Is The Disease, Science Is The Cure

Pixabay We’re reaching the point where, while aging can’t be stopped, the signs can be eradicated. If you ask people what they are most scared of about getting old, many will say losing their looks. This fear comes above the worries of dementia, aches and pains and even trying to live on a limited budget. Most people are scared of losing their … [Read more...]

Learn To Love Sport Again In Just 5 Easy Steps

Source: Sport plays a huge role in the lives of millions and is something most Dad’s enjoy. In a world dominated by the stress of work and other commitments, it’s a form of escapism that keeps us smiling. But it’s very easy to fall out of love with the games you love. So how can you recapture that passion and love? Here’s everything you need to … [Read more...]

Helpful Ways You Can Support The Fight Against Cancer

Image source For many years, cancer has been the leading cause of mortality worldwide. In 2012, there were 14.1 million cases of cancer worldwide, with 8.2 million resulting in death. You can see some of the statistics at It’s likely that you know someone who has been affected by cancer, and how much damage it can … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way To Really Enjoy A Day At the Races

If you really want the opportunity to enjoy any kind of sport, then it has to be done at a live event. Only there can you really experience the energy and enthusiasm that comes hand-in-hand with any sport and its core fans. A day at the races is no different in that regard. It is different in the regard that, for the majority of people involved, … [Read more...]

Are British Smiles Really That Awful?

After all of our success at the Olympics, the whole world can agree that Britain is the home to some seriously talented athletes. And they’re a pretty good looking bunch too! So why is it that some countries still think that British people don’t have great smiles? Up there on that podium, it was more than obvious that smiling is something we do … [Read more...]

Reasons Spectre is Breaking Box Office Records, and What This Means for Developing Film Industries

Image Source New James Bond film Spectre was released on Monday and is already breaking box office records. This is big news for a franchise that has always been hugely popular but was never considered much of a box office behemoth. But the 24th film to feature 007 has already smashed the highest opening day box office in the UK. Now, there could … [Read more...]

Unmissable Sporting Events You Should See Live

There are some sporting events that you have to see live to fully experience. These are the one that are most unmissable. The Wimbledon Final There’s no bigger game in world tennis than the Wimbledon final. It’s something that comes around every year, and the scramble for tickets is always mad. It’s not easy to get tickets for the game because … [Read more...]

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Engagements

Are you thinking about popping that special question sooner rather than later? You're sure to find this list interesting then. We've compiled together all the crazy things about engagements that typically you'd never hear about. From the presence in the media to the weird and wonderful ways people propose we have got all the gossip on engagements. … [Read more...]