November 22, 2017

Is Working From Home Really Worth the Hype?

Working from home has gained a lot of attention and it’s due to the ease and accessibility of the internet. The internet has created many new jobs, opening up more opportunities, and since the entire world is connected through these magical pipes and cables, businesses all over the world are now more open to accepting employees in other countries, … [Read more...]

The Craziest Online Careers

In this current economic climate, finding any job at all can be difficult. We all know how many doors the internet can open, but the majority of us will shy away from even trying to open any of them. It’s a vast, infinite landscape of people vying for attention at the front of the mix, much like any industry. It opens more doors than ever, but it … [Read more...]

How Mobile Tech Changed The World

Over the past decade or so, the world has undergone a massive shift thanks to the creations and subsequent popularity of mobile technology. When you consider the fact that the first iPhone only came out in 2007, and how commonplace smartphones are in our day to day lives now, it’s pretty staggering! Now that we’re ten years on, I thought I’d take a … [Read more...]

A Program For Success: Technology All Designers Should Use

Professional designers might turn their hands to many different niches within their marketplace. Some might focus their efforts on creating blueprints companies can use to release new products onto the market. Others might put their efforts into providing a full package. Either way, there is lots of technology all designers should use. Today, we’re … [Read more...]

Tackling Your Office Tech Tantrums

As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital age, the IT that we use becomes further and further ingrained as a core tool of the business. It helps us manage our workload, connect with others, and keep the business running smoothly. But that doesn’t mean it’s always guaranteed to run smoothly, itself. Plenty of businesses find their reliance on … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about the Graphic Design Industry

An artist: a breed of person that has a flair inside of them that they have to get out at all times, and the graphic design industry is the perfect vessel for them to do so. With the world of being a professional artist, in the sense of having work being placed in museums to be lauded at by art enthusiasts and critics, being a very lucrative one to … [Read more...]

The Technology Changing How We Shop

Historically, technology was seen as a threat to the traditional shops that existed in cities and towns. It was a baby of the online world, which was keeping people away from the shops and making them spend their money in the virtual world. But that’s all changed now. While the online retail market does still pose a real threat to the livelihood of … [Read more...]

Why People Are Investing In Smart Home Technology

If you follow tech stories, then I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing buzz around “smart home” technology. Like any young tech niche, a lot of people are putting off getting a “smart home”, mainly because they think that it will turn out too expensive, too complex to use, or they’ll run into some other problem. However, there’s a range of great … [Read more...]

4 Incredible Green Techologies That Could Save the Planet

Regardless of whether you feel that humans are having a negative impact on the planet, there is no doubt that climate change is happening. And it means that a lot is going to change in the not-too-distant future if we are all going to be happy residents of the Earth. The good news is that plenty of researchers and entrepreneurs are all looking at … [Read more...]

How Technology Makes Money Management Easier for Businesses

Technology makes many things in life easier. It also makes a lot of things in business easier to handle too. One of the aspects of business that technology makes smoother is money management. Being able to use the internet and various applications to manage cash flow and accounts is hugely beneficial. It can make people's accounts more accurate so … [Read more...]