February 23, 2018

Look For More Than McDonald’s Next Time You Go Away

Whatever your reasons, one thing remains the same; new countries offer new experiences. Anyone who sets foot on foreign soil has access to a wealth of exploration, new foods, and languages to learn. And, you can do all that while ticking the boxes on your vacation wish list.

If relaxation is the aim of your game, you can do that while enjoying local delicacies. If you want to view your dream destinations, this is an even better chance to get stuck in. And, it goes without saying that embracing opportunity is the best way to keep wanderlust at ease.

Yet, vacationers of all shapes and sizes fail to embrace anything. Though these experiences are within our grasp, many of us stick with what we know. We take along familiar products and breathe a sigh of relief when we see a  McDonald’s sign outside our hotels. Even when we eat elsewhere, we opt for restaurants with English translations on the menu, and order things we’d have at home. If there are chips on offer we’re happier than pigs in..well, you know.

We’ve ALL fallen foul to this playing it safe form of travel. And, in many ways it’s understandable. Who doesn’t aim for a stress-free vacation? You don’t want to deal with worries about language barriers each time you leave your hotel room. Why should you? You can get along perfectly fine with a few basic words, right? And, why spend money on food you might not like when there are options you could get along with better?

In truth, though, embracing those new experiences may not be as bad as you think. In fact, rather than creating stress on your vacation, embracing new things can take you even further from the life you know. Which has got to be good, right? Not to mention that learning a language while you’re away can boost your satisfaction levels no end.

So, it seems the answer to embracing experience on vacation is just to change your attitude. Don’t sniff at local delicacies. Next time you head to France, why not try escargot? When in Paris, after all. And, the same can be said for activities. Don’t turn your nose up at paddle boarding during your Australian trip. Instead, invest in something like these Kona Boards stand up paddle boards and hit the waves. It would be criminal not to surf when down under, after all.

Wikimedia Image

Ultimately, it’s important you find experiences which suit your tastes. And, of course, you need to remember to approach them with the right attitude. When trying new foods, think positive, and keep fun in mind. You can always get a burger on the way back if it doesn’t work. At least you’ll honestly be able to say that you tried!

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