February 23, 2018

Are You A Nervous Driver? Try These Tricks To Build Confidence On The Road

Some people take to driving like a fish to water. They’re instantly in control, taking corners with confidence and overtaking like an F1 driver. For others, the experience of driving doesn’t come so naturally. We all get those first nervous pangs when we sit behind the wheel, but sometimes they never go away. Driving is often terrifying. After all, the roads are dangerous places with lots of hazards. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’re pleased to say that it is possible to overcome that nervousness. With a few confidence boosters, you’ll become the perfect driver.



Learn more about your car

Many drivers are terrified of the road because they know so little about their car. They are complex machines with intricate details. For the uninitiated, it can seem scarily out of their depth. One of the biggest contributors to fear is the unknown. A lack of understanding breeds the fear that leads to your nervousness. Start by getting to know your car. Learn the basics of self-maintenance and open up the bonnet! Get close to the engine and understand where the hazards really lie.

Practice in quiet areas

When it comes to driving, you’ll only achieve confidence through practice. The more your do something, the more confident you become. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a vicious circle. You’re nervous about driving, so you avoid driving. Instead, take the car out during particularly quiet periods. First thing in the morning and the evenings are often a good time. Take advantage of the quiet roads to drive at your own speed. Practice the tricky junctions, and just build some confidence on the road.

Use a driving simulator

If the roads feel a little too much, you can try a driving simulator instead. Most driving schools have one of these sophisticated software machines, and they’re very realistic. There are various different settings, including the simulator test Fitness To Drive. This includes simple driving scenarios that help beginner drivers feel a little more comfortable. As you grow in confidence, the software will introduce more challenging aspects.

Follow an experienced driver

Sometimes, the fear of driving stems from a feeling of isolation. Taking control of the vehicle yourself can often feel daunting, with a lot of responsibility in your hands. One way to alleviate this slightly is by following a more experienced driver. Enlist the help of your family or friends for this one. If you’ve got a long drive ahead, simply follow your friends’ car in front. They’re making the big decisions and dealing with traffic up ahead. You’re still in control, but taking less of the responsibility.

Take a friend with you in the car

Another way to reduce the feeling of isolation and fear is by having a friend in the car with you. They’ll settle the atmosphere, and provide a calming influence by your side. They’ll stop you from over-reacting or resorting to panic. Just make sure they’re not a back-seat driver!

Getting over your nerves and building confidence is all about practice and understanding. Follow the tips in this article, and you’ll be a confident driver in no time!

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