February 18, 2018

Can You Handle The Power That Comes With Being Behind The Wheel?

We may all undertake the same driving lessons and driving test, but that doesn’t mean that when we come to driving on the roads that our skills are equal. The fact is that some people are just better drivers than others, for one reason or another, which means that when on the roads they are better able to handle the power that comes with being behind the wheel. It’s not about physical strength, it’s about being mentally mature, and knowing how to be the best and safest driver that you can possibly be.


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Do you know how to drive safely on the freeway?

One of the most common places that road traffic accidents occur is on the freeway, as these roads are faster and have more lanes. Good drivers know how to navigate the higher speeds and different lanes safely. It’s also important to be aware that the passing lane on the freeway is for passing only, not for sitting in, as many drivers make the mistake of doing.  

Are you always willing to learn?

The mark of a good driver is someone who is always willing to learn. Drivers who think that they know best when it comes to road safety make the worst drivers, whereas drivers who are willing to learn make better drivers. This is because these are the drivers that are happy to complete a defensive driving traffic school online course, to help improve their driving skills and knowledge. Being a good driver isn’t about driving too fast or showing off, it’s about being willing to constantly learn and improve your skills.

Do you bow to peer pressure?

One thing that marks a dangerous driver is when a driver chooses to bow to the pressure of their peers and drive in a way that they normally wouldn’t do. This means agreeing to drive faster than you usually would just to impress the people who are in your car or to keep up with the car in front of you. It means agreeing to drive after drinking one too many alcoholic drinks. Drivers who bow to peer pressure are the most dangerous drivers because they drive in a way that they are not comfortable with.

Do you use your turn signals?

Did you know that one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents is drivers not signalling where they intend on going? Turn signals are there for a reason, which is why if you are a good driver who is able to handle their vehicle, you will always use your turn signals while out on the roads, to make other drivers aware of what you intend on doing.

The fact is that when it comes to being a good driver, not all drivers are born equal. However, if you are a driver that knows how to use the freeway carefully, don’t bow to peer pressure, and are always willing to learn, then the chances are that you are a good driver. Believe it or not, being a good driver is easier than you would think, it’s just that so many drivers prefer to follow their own rules rather than the rules of the road.

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