January 18, 2018

Drunk Driving Still Major Problem on the Roads

Statistics have shown that drink driving is still proving to be a big problem. These days it seems that a lot of people either can’t regulate their alcohol intake or think they’ll get away with it. But drink driving is very dangerous and irresponsible. A recent article showed that the number of people killed by drink drivers has stayed the same for the fourth year running.

Now, there might be a number of reasons behind this still being a problem. For one thing, people may struggle to figure out when they’ve had too much. It’s often been wondered ‘how much is too much’? And the answer to this remains unclear. So the best idea for everyone is to just refrain from drinking at all when behind the wheel. Another reason could be that people think they’re only going to be behind the wheel for a short space of time. So they have the mentality that it won’t matter because they aren’t going far.


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The sad fact is that most drivers will probably drive drunk at some point in their lives. This isn’t a good thing, but it is certainly something that happens. Perhaps we live in a society where people have forgotten just how dangerous drink driving can be.

You can cause serious damage to yourself, and your vehicle through drink driving. It’s hard to regulate speed and hone reflexes when you’ve been drinking. So the likelihood of being involved in an accident is much higher. This is going to lead to you writing off your car, and then you’re looking at all sorts of expenses to get it fixed. Then there is the damage you could do to yourself in a long term capacity.

But most seriously of all, you can cause death through drink driving. Countless deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers. This ruins lives and tears families apart. So drunk driving is a very serious issue, and one that carries grave consequences with it. Perhaps this needs to be made clearer to people from a young age? Maybe people need to talk to their driving instructors about the risks of drink driving early on. A little one to one might help to get the message across a bit better.

Or perhaps the penalties for drink driving should be much more severe? Well, in certain circles the fallout from drink driving has been severe. A recent news article told of a man from Mansfield, UK, who lost his licence and job after drink driving. This should act as a natural deterrent to people who are considering getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

People make mistakes in life, and so they need to know how to proceed if they’re caught drink driving. Depending on the circumstances some people might get off with a warning. Whereas others might have to spend a day in court.

The fact remains that drink driving on the roads is still a major problem. Whether this is going to change in the future remains to be seen.  But there doesn’t seem to be much stopping it from happening. Perhaps better awareness for young drivers and harsher penalties will help to curb the problems that still exist.

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