January 23, 2018

Should You Make Your Next Car A Hybrid?

The idea of trying to do your best by the environment is nothing new. You recycle every week, you switch the lights off when you aren’t in a room, and you pride yourself on taking a bath in the minimum water possible. You deem yourself a green-bod who is more than willing to do their part for the preservation of the planet. However, when it comes to your trusty vehicle parked outside your home, you haven’t yet taken the plunge into sustainable driving. Why is this? Many people have niggling doubts when it comes to changing the way their car is fueled. You are so used to the fantastic torque, superb horsepower and handling not to mention economical fuel consumption that you wary of risking all of this. Take a look at the reasons why now might be the time to say goodbye to your diesel guzzler and hello to a greener hybrid.

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The Running Costs

So, you may have to pay out a little more than you were expecting to actually find the petrol hybrid sitting smartly on your driveway but this is where the astronomical costs end. If you purchase a plug-in hybrid, your motor will go a ridiculously long distance on a single battery charge alone. There’ll be no need to fill up at the petrol station, and the cost will be a minimal addition to your electricity bill. On top of this, you’ll see a reduction in your tax every year, and you may find that insurance companies look more favourably on your choice of vehicle leading to lower premiums.


The fact is that plug-in hybrids are made to have minimal impact on the environment through a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions. The performance, handling and speed of the vehicle is not the manufacturer’s top priority. New developments in biofuels, as discussed in detail on Stateofgreen, show how advancements in fuels that are derived from vegetable fat, starch and sugars are going some way to plugging the performance gap that we see between traditional diesel and hybrid cars. Within the next decade, we may see a hybrid with same performance capability as your average family SUV.

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Leading By Example

If you have kids or you’re just eager to be at the forefront of new technologies, it might pay to get in on the hybrid action now. Being a trendsetter means that you’re able to set a good example to your darling offspring by showing them how they can do their little bit for the environment. Having a hybrid family car teaches them important life lessons while showing them that you don’t need a diesel powered ozone layer-damaging machine to get from A – B. In just a few years time, you could have earned the kudos to say that you were one of the first and relished being a torchbearer for the hybrid revolution.

Hybrid cars are still in the ascendency and, as such, are not yet the finished article. However, with the financial and environmental benefits that come along with them, they could be a viable option for your next family car.

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