February 18, 2018

Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI Review

Skoda has long had a reputation as a car manufacturer that can offer surprises without grabbing the headlines as their competitors do. So, does the Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI impress or disappoint?


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The Superb’s interiors are high-quality leather, and they don’t lack at all when it comes to comfort. The space, which we’ll come onto later, is also very good inside the car. All in all the interior design of the car is very good, and it’s hard to find many things to fault on the inside.

The exterior design of the car is a little different. Of course, taste is subjective. But it isn’t the most stylish car on the market today. You could visit some cheap dealers and find much more attractive cars, but this offers other things to make up for the poor exterior design.


The car offers a surprisingly smooth drive; it’s not something you expect when you get into the car, and once you hit the road, the smoothness and quiet is noticeable. The engine is near silent, and it times it feels more like driving an electric car than a fuel one, and that’s a compliment!

Skoda has clearly aimed for a simple and easygoing driving experience, and it’s worked a treat. There’s no fuss or noise, just a very steady and enjoyable driving experience no matter what speed you’re travelling at. The one area of fault would be the gear stick, which isn’t easy to move at times, but that’s a minor concern.


Skoda have paid a lot of attention to the amount of space on offer in the Superb. This might well signal towards an aim of selling to both professionals and business people and also young families. The interiors are not only slick and comfortable, but also very spacious and not at all claustrophobic as some cars can be.

Let’s not forget about the boot either. And this is where the Superb excels most of all. It has one of the largest boots of any car on the market, and there are very few people who will find themselves short of storage space. There’s even more of it if you fold the back seats down.

Fuel Efficiency

The first big benefit of the Skoda Superb is that it’s not a diesel car, unlike a lot of its direct competitors. This has a bigger impact than you might imagine because it lowers its car tax, saving you a bit money. And that can only be a good thing for car buyers. It also uses its fuel pretty well.

It shuts down two of its cylinders when the car is on light throttle loads, this then means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the engine decreases. And you won’t feel any drawbacks from the shutdown cylinders. Its stats are about 58mpg and 115g/km, which is good for a car of its size and ability.

In conclusion, the Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI is a strong upgrade on the old Skoda model and adds a lot nice important new feature that should strengthen sales going forward.

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