January 18, 2018

The Skoda Fabia Hatchback: A Fab Car, Or Not?

The Skoda Fabia Hatchback has got a big rep to live up to. It was voted Best Small Car in the Driver Power New Car Survey 2017, so folks obviously like it and are considering parting with their hard earned wages to purchase one. Although, does the five-star rating mean it’s more of a good all-rounder, floundering in some particular areas like safety or comfort? Read on to find out.

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As a supermini, you aren’t going to expect the Fabia to have extreme power under the bonnet. However, there is a range of engine options including three diesels and three petrols,  available in S and SE, as well as automatic and manual versions.

However, for those of you concerned with speed and performance the quiet petrol SE TSI version is the best pick. The entry level petrol version, however, is something that really has people goat. As for a car that is supposed to be the best in its class it just doesn’t have enough go.


Luckily what it loses in speed it makes up for in other areas, one of which is safety. The Fabia actually get rave reviews in this category. Being awarded the NCAP 5 star review in 2014, although the test has changed since then.  

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This five-star review is good news for drivers and passengers alike, and you can expect safety features such as ESC as standard. A system that controls the speed of the car, helping you to avoid additional incidents when ricocheting off of the first impact. There is also the option to install AEB and AEB interurban on some models too.


The front crash protection is good with airbags, seat belt pre tensioners, and load limiters. The lateral crash protection is excellent too, with side and chest airbags. It also has driver assist which helps you keep the right distance between the car in front, reducing the likelihood of any incidents. In addition to all of that, the Fabia does so well in this category because it also has driver fatigue detection, and as at least 90% of accidents are caused by driver error, this is something that is truly vital for a safe ride.

Although, even with all of this safety equipment, not every accident can be avoided. Yes, having items like the ones listed above can lessen your chance of being injured seriously, but even so, it’s a good idea to know where to find a good auto accident attorney, in case you ever need help in this matter.  After all car repairs and medical bills aren’t cheap, and it may be someone else’s responsibility to pay for them if they were at fault.

Looks and Comfort

Something that has got people divides though is the Skoda Fabia looks. It receives high praise for the spacious interior, even having more boot space than some of the small cars in the category above it. It’s also said to be a comfortable ride if a little unforgettable in the design stakes. Although there is a little soft touch plastic finish here and there. In essence, though the Fabia is basic,  if robust and likely to last a good few years before showing much wear and tear.

There is also an infotainment system included in both the S and SE models. Great for plugging in your phone, answering texts, and generally not getting bored on long drives. As well as the obligatory sat nav that we all need to get from A-B these days! However plump for the SE model as the screen is slightly larger, meaning it looks a little better and is more functional for when you are driving.

Skoda also offers a Simply Clever package that includes things like a bin for the driver’s door and an umbrella stored away underneath the car. Perfect for when you get caught in the rain, and you need to check the oil. There is also a net for the boot, so your stuff doesn’t roll around. This package does cost extra on all models except the top ones though, but if you are a neat freak, it’s probably worth it.


Lastly, a big draw for buyers is the Skoda Fabia’s excellent fuel economy. It runs from about 6-70 mpg in reviews. So that means you can expect to do a solid 60-65 in real life. Meaning it’s cheap to run both for long journeys and for nipping around town and dropping the kids at school Making it the perfect family super mini and a fab overall buy. As long as you steer clear of the S model!

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