February 18, 2018

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Engagements

Are you thinking about popping that special question sooner rather than later? You’re sure to find this list interesting then. We’ve compiled together all the crazy things about engagements that typically you’d never hear about. From the presence in the media to the weird and wonderful ways people propose we have got all the gossip on engagements. Who knows, you might find some of these ideas inspirational for your plans?

Will They Won’t They Big Bang Question Answered

We’re counting this one because a) we’re dying to know what happens and b) it’s about engagement, it fits. TV fanatics will know that season 8 of the big bang theory ended with Sheldon apparently about to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Amy. But before he could, she broke up with him. Ouch. But, if you were hoping we wouldn’t be kept waiting, you’re in luck. The question of whether the two will be wed will be answered in the season premiere this month. You don’t want to miss it.

You should Spend How Much On An Engagement Ring?

Supposedly you are meant to spend at least half of your annual salary on the engagement ring. With that number, we’re surprised more people don’t end up in debt when they get engaged. You can get a verragio engagement ring a lot cheaper than that and still get excellent quality. Can you imagine how much a movie stars fiancé’s engagement ring must cost? We shudder to think, but it does explain why they are so incredibly noticeable once they are seen out in public wearing them. The diamond must be the size of a fist. Fun fact, a lot of couples now pick their engagement ring together which is kind of sweet and lame at the same time.

Up In The Air Engagements

One of the most popular ways to propose is in a hot air balloon, above the earth. It’s so popular that many hot air balloon companies offer an engagement package. That includes a champagne breakfast after you pop the question. We wonder if they mention that they don’t recommend this service to someone with a partner who has a fear of flights. However, this idea makes a lot of sense because you are likely to get a yes. The serenity you feel when up in a hot air balloon is so intense it adds one year on to your life.

Tis The Season

It would seem the cliché is still alive and well because guess what month is most popular for engagements? Yep, it’s December, so guys still think it’s a great idea to put an engagement ring in a stocking. We can’t help but feeling this type of engagement lacks inspiration but hey if it works it works.

So That’s Why They Call It The Happiest Place On Earth

2000 couples get engaged in Disney every year, supposedly. Now, our final question is this. Do they plan to propose there or does the euphoria that they feel make them want to spend the rest of their life with their partner? We guess the former because if you’ve ever been to Disney you’ll know the euphoria lasts about five minutes. After that, you’re starting to get annoyed that there’s nowhere to sit and that queuing for Space Mountain takes two hours!

Engagement Ring On Space Mountain (Flickr)

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