January 18, 2018

If Aging Is The Disease, Science Is The Cure



We’re reaching the point where, while aging can’t be stopped, the signs can be eradicated. If you ask people what they are most scared of about getting old, many will say losing their looks. This fear comes above the worries of dementia, aches and pains and even trying to live on a limited budget. Most people are scared of losing their hair, blemishes on the skin and middle-aged spread instead. Luckily for them, most of these issues can now be cured. The answers are coming from different research studies by scientists into what makes the body age and how to prevent it.

Freeze It Off

One of the most common signs of age is a rapid increase in weight. This is often referred to as middle age spread and can occur as early as thirty or as late as sixty. You can be thin your whole life. But suddenly when you hit these glory years you develop a potbelly and a bad back. In most cases, people haven’t changed their eating habits or stopped exercising. It’s just a natural effect of age. You can’t prevent it, or can you. Actually, scientists now believe that the best way to lose weight is not to exercise at all. Instead, you can freeze it off. While this might sound like science fiction, it’s happening right now as a weight loss treatment. Fat cells are targeted, frozen, killed and removed. The fat quite literally falls off your bones, and scientists are heralding it as the holy grail of weight loss.

No Wrinkles, No Problem

Botox isn’t a new type of treatment. You can play a game with some of the older celebs and try to figure out which ones have used it. Spoiler alert, it tends to be those that are fifty and look thirty. Botulinum toxin treatment is the full name for Botox, and it is commonly used to get rid of wrinkles. However, it may also reduce how much you sweat which we’re sure a lot of people would find very useful. Recently, Botox treatments have become more advanced. Specific areas of the face can be targeted. This has allowed for the treatment to look more natural. It’s difficult to tell who has had botox and who is really in their late twenties!

Running It Right Down

Exercise might not be the best way to lose weight, but it is a way that you can stay looking young. Yes, a recent research report revealed that the more you exercise, the younger your body will be. They are not just talking about the way it looks either. Scientists believe that exercising keeps cells healthy. This means that your body will be biologically younger. Who knew that the miracle cure for aging would be a run on the treadmill once a day?

Be Sexual If You Want To Stay Health

This sounds like the plot for an episode of Masters of Sex, but supposedly it’s true. The more sexually active you are, the younger you’ll be. Some people debate whether the quality of the sex matters. However, it appears it might be because lovemaking releases a specific hormone. This makes the skin more elastic, the hair thicker and the body more youthful.

It just shows, sometimes it pays to listen to the guys and girls in white coats.


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