January 18, 2018

News Shorts: March 5th 2012

New shots from Lockout, The Pirates Band of Misfits and Intruders along with character portraits from Dark Shadows, and photos of Chris Meloni and Henry Cavill on the set of Man of Steel.

Four posters from Battleship, and one sheets for Paranorman, Brave and MIB3

“Conceptual designer Ralph McQuarrie, the man responsible for the looks of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO died at his home Saturday aged 82. McQuarrie designed the original “Battlestar Galactica” television series, “E.T.”, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, “Jurassic Park” and others…” (full details)

“Angelina Jolie has reportedly rejected Kurt Wimmer’s script for a “Salt” sequel. Wimmer is currently working on a revision of the script that will make the actress happy… (full details)

They’ve parodied the iconic falling silhouette opening titles of “Mad Men”, now “The Simpsons” have done the same for the exquisite clockwork map opening credits of “Game of Thrones”. Check out the result below:

“Texan cinema and film fan mecca The Alamo Drafthouse is planning to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the greatest Summer in filmgoing – 1982 – with weekly screenings recreating that period which includes “The Thing,” “Blade Runner,” “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior,” “Poltergeist,” “Conan the Barbarian,” “Rocky 3,” “Tron” and “E.T.”…” (full details)

“IFC Midnight announced today that the company is acquiring North and Latin American rights to director Jon Wright’s comedy “Grabbers” starring Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and Russell Tovey…” (full details)

“Bradley Cooper has signed a two year development deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. The deal stipulates that any film developed by Cooper’s company, 22 & Indiana, will be shown to Warner for first consideration…” (full details)

“Jason Segel has confirmed he won’t be returning in either an acting or writing capacity for the sequel to “The Muppets”, saying “”I did what I set out to do, and now I wanna pursue more human-related projects”…” (full details)

Universal Studios unveiled their new 100th anniversary logo in front of copies of “The Lorax” this past weekend, now you can check out it and all the major past incarnations of the studio’s logo throughout the past few decades in this one-minute video retrospective:

“”Deadpool will actually have no connection to the one that I was in [‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’]” says Ryan Reynolds about the upcoming “Deadpool” spin-off feature. He does admit it will be very much an R-rated feature…” (full details)

“The trailer for “The Avengers” last week broke the iTunes download record with 13.7 million views in 24 hours…” (full details)

“Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all worldwide rights to Sundance Special Jury Prize winner “Smashed” about two co-dependent alcoholics (Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul)…” (full details)

“Will Ferrell says ‘Anchorman 2’ remains dead, but he’s planning to pen a ‘Step Brothers’ sequel soon and could get to work on filming it as early as this Fall…” (full details)

The biggest event in video gaming for the first half of 2012 hits this week – the release of sci-fi action/RPG epic “Mass Effect 3”. Now the launch trailer has gone online which you can see below:

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