February 18, 2018

Surf’s Up! Getting The Right Accessories To Hang Ten



So, you’ve seen some surfer “doods” at the beach, and you thought “I want some of that!” Or have you watched Point Break one too many times (the original one)? Either way, if you have wanted to get onboard a board after taking some surfing lessons, and you are totally serious about doing it, there are some things you need than just your board and the ability to balance! Surfing is an amazing thing and is great exercise for you. But you need some accessories to go with your board if you are planning on taking it up seriously.


We’ll start here! When you’re looking for a board, stability is the name of the game. When starting out you’re going to need something long and stable such as an Osprey Foamie board. But you could also try a hard epoxy board such as a funboard. Having a longer board will help you keep more stable when you are practising standing up on the board. They are much more handy than a shortboard when you misplace your footing! If you opt for a shortboard, they are harder to learn on when starting out. So you could spend more time in the water than anywhere else!

Board Bag

This will help you protect your board from scrapes and damage when it’s out in the water or in storage, or while it is being transported to the beach. It will save you money on pointless repairs in the long run. So it is worth investing in. If you need to store your board at home without it getting in the way, you can also try Handcrafted Surfboard & Paddle board racks for your home.


An important part of your safety when out in the water. Not just for yourself, but for other users of the water. Most surfboards tend to come with a leash, but they can become worn or break after extensive use. Keeping yourself leashed up to your board will stop it going into other surfers or smashing on rocks when you go overboard. It will help you save energy having to swim after it all the time! Although it can help you locate your board if you get into issues, don’t rely on it or on your board for safety. You need to be sure that you are comfortable swimming in the water before anything else!




The wrong type of wetsuit will seriously hamper your enjoyment and learning. Get a suit that is warm and fits you nicely. Depending on the average temperature of the water at your local swimming area can dictate if you need to buy a summer suit. If you’re surfing in cold areas, there is no point in buying one of those as it won’t keep you very warm.

Surf Wax

If you plan on staying on your board, then you’ll need to get some of this. It will stop you sliding and will reduce injury and time in the water! Make sure you wax the board before you use it and if you use the wrong wax for the water temperature it can cause it to melt!

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