January 19, 2018

Come Together! Getting A Community Fun Day Set Up


It’s a great way to get families, friends and people who never met together. Organizing a fun day for charity is fantastic because, not just the fact that you are raising money for charity, but it’s a great way to bring people together. Lots of neighborhoods nowadays aren’t that particularly close-knit so you could use this as an opportunity to bring some people together, especially if it has a competitive edge, like a sports day. So, how can you organize one of these?

Pick The Day Wisely

Of course, the summertime is always the best for outdoor events, but lots of families may be on vacation, so if you are trying to organize something for your street, try to make it a date that most people can attend. When it comes to picking the location and the times, the same thing applies, and make sure that you have enough space for your fun day, especially if it involves a lot of equipment.

Making Sure It’s Safe

Planning a big event where many people are attending means you need to undertake a thorough risk assessment at the place, especially depending on what sort of equipment you’re going to be using. For example, if you plan on using items like rodeo bulls, these could be very dangerous and could land you in hot water with the authorities if you don’t have something in place like public liability insurance. It’s important to make sure that all the legalities are in place, and you know exactly what you can, and what you can’t do.

Picking The Events

You could get caught up in the planning and preparation that it may not be fun anymore, but you need to make the day as fun as possible. So, with regards to things like sports, you could make it interesting, and have fathers compete against each other, as well as mothers vs mothers, boys against girls, and so forth. You could get trophies and awards for the best team, and make a proper event of it.

Give It A Real Community Spirit

Use social media to your advantage and advertise it far and wide and really put forward that idea of it being for the community. So, while you might be raising money for charities, some of the money could go towards something beneficial for the community. And this could be something that the community has desperately needed for some time. An event like this can really help bolster the community spirit, and with it being something that brings all ages together, such as a sports day, this will help to foster friendships, but also it does that all important thing of getting people together.

Organizing any sort of community event means a lot of planning, and if you’ve seen anything like Gilmore Girls, the event can always fall flat on its face; this is why you need to also get the opinions of the people you are holding the event for. A community event, such as a family fun day for charity can do much more than just really some money, it can bring the community together.

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