January 18, 2018

Improve Your Sporting Knowledge In 3 Easy Steps

Not every man is blessed with an athletic physique, rippling six pack and rock hard biceps. Guys who enjoy venturing to the gym and taking care of their bodies are more likely to be the guys who are into sport. They could love taking part in five a side footie, partaking in a round of gold or having the odd game of tennis. For those of us who are more into more creative pastimes such as photography or cooking it can be difficult to connect with our sports obsessed pals. It doesn’t have to be this way. Take a look at these three easy steps to help you improve your sporting knowledge.

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Immerse Yourself

The easiest and quickest way to learn about sport is to begin to immerse yourself in it. If your mates love nothing better than watching a game of football in the local pub on a Saturday afternoon, venture down to see one yourself. Soak up the atmosphere, grab yourself a pint and chat to the fans watching the game. Ask them subtly what the rules of the game are. Footie fans are a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to tell you what’s going on if you’re showing a genuine interest. By the end of the ninety minutes if you can explain the offside rule in less than twenty words then you’ve had a productive afternoon.


Use your smartphone to its full potential and start researching sports apps. By downloading the Luxbet app, you’ll be able to stream Sky Sports radio directly to your phone. When you have some down time, you’ll be able to listen to the radio and allow it to impart fresh sporting knowledge into your ears. There are sports apps for every random sport known to man. Whether your friends are into triathlon, discus throwing or fencing, there’s an app out there for everyone.


Pop down to your local newsagent and pick up the latest copy of the sporting magazine that you hear all your friends chatting about. No longer do you have to feel like the odd one out when the topic of rugby or MMA comes up. You’ll be able to surprise them with the fixture results from last weekend or dazzle them with your post fight analysis of the most recent MMA world championship bout. You never know, you may actually find a sport that you connect with, that you may start watching and possibly even taking part in.

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You may never feel the need to rid yourself of the belly that your girlfriend makes a point of saying is cuddly and sign up for a gym membership, but you may find yourself slowly learning about the lure of sport. And no matter what, your pals will be appreciative of your efforts to clue yourself up about their favourite pastime. Who knows, they may have a go at learning all about the latest SLR cameras or take on a recipe for coq au vin!

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