February 23, 2018

Little Extras That Will Ensure Customers Return To Your Spa

The world seems to be getting busier and everyday lives are more stressful than ever before. So much responsibility is put on everyone to achieve so much and juggle a multitude of tasks each day. Therefore, the spa and beauty industry is booming. People need a regular escape in their suburbs, town, or city where they can relax, unwind, and treat themselves to a spot of pampering. Some time out can be just what the doctor ordered for the busiest of people, and a trip to their nearest spa is often where they’ll go to clear their mind and give themselves a boost to get on with the rest of their week ahead.

As a spa owner; you’ll understand the importance of making any visitors feel calm, comfortable, and serene so that they can receive the very best in care and treatments. However, there are always additional details that can improve your space and emphasize that you’re running a relaxing environment. Aside from the skilled members of staff, you’ll have and the best in skin care, oils, and cosmetics; your spa needs to appeal to everyone regarding the rest of their sensory experience. Therefore, it might be worth investing further in their relaxing surroundings, from the second they walk through the door, throughout their treatments, and right up until they leave. The following are some ideas about how to ensure your visitors receive a thoroughly relaxing break during their time with you, from start to finish.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-relaxing-relax-spa-56884/


The sound of water is often one of people’s favorite to relax as they listen to it. Therefore, a water feature or installation in your reception or waiting area would be an investment worth considering. An aquarium full of beautiful fish in smaller spaces will help to unwind over-stressed minds and bring a relaxing focal point to a room. In bigger areas; you could think about a larger focal point, like a pool or pond with trickling water. Consider filling it with water-based plants or koi; you can take a look online for more info.

The movement and sound of water and fish will always soothe a relax your patrons as they await their massage, facial, or other treatments. Water is also a vital part of wellbeing; hydration should be at the forefront of your guest’s mind, so provide them with fresh drinking water or herbal teas.


Whether you’re based in a busy city, small town, or out in the country; your spa needs to feel like an escape from the outside environment. Therefore, your temperature control needs to be a priority in all areas of your establishment. Invest in a quality air conditioning system so that your customers remain comfortable throughout their stay.


Again; your patrons will want to escape whatever is happening outside or in their busy lives. Therefore, things need to feel comforting and soft. Fluffy robes and towels are a must, and any seating should provide cushioning and a place your guests can let their minds drift away to find peace. Focusing on the environmental details on top of their service you provide will ensure that you have a loyal group of return customers who will recommend you to every other stressed-out soul they know!

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