February 19, 2018

Mixing Up Your Daily Basics


Everyone has habits and routines that have been in place for way too long – and a lot of those fall onto our food. Most people have a handful of meals that they know how to cook with their eyes closed and have them on repeat each week. There are staple parts of their diet that have only become a stable because you’re so used to picking it up at the weekly shop. A lot of food habits centre around unhealthy choices and speed. But it isn’t just our food; our daily routines are the same; it’s all about ease and minimal effort, when most of the changes you can make are not going to take any more effort – it just needs a new way of thinking.


Think about those seven meals that you rotate each week – do you really enjoy them anymore? Or are they just there to keep you moving? For family favourites, think about switching a couple of the ingredients; use turkey mince instead of beef in a bolognaise, use fish in a curry, or even go meat free. If you need speed but want to try some new things, then look into 15-minute meals or lean in 15. Quick doesn’t have to mean boring. Choose the healthier option for things like butter; vegan almond or seed butter is just as good and so much better for you. Even add some new flavours into the naughty food you eat. Be super adventurous and try nom nom chocolate; with flavours like marmalade and old book, you will never be bored.


Rather than your basic tea, coffee and water, try out new flavours. Switch tap water for flavoured like lime water, you can infuse your water with berries, mint, cucumber, orange, and gain the flavour and vitamins of those fruits. And then there are fruit teas which you can drink hot or iced – you can even get gin tea bags. As for coffee, mix up your sugar with honey, your milk for coconut oil. Dip in some dark chocolate – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Or just try new flavours of beans; you can get a monthly subscription to new flavours of coffee all around the world.


How often do you slide through your morning routine and have to convince yourself to get out of bed? Not everyone is a morning person, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your mornings better. Start by getting a good night’s sleep, and wake up with plenty of time. Turn on the radio or a wake up playlist as soon as you’re awake – if you’re the first one up, then get yourself some wireless headphones so you can dance around without waking everyone up. Allow yourself time to sit and eat breakfast – which should be varied and not the same slice of toast every morning. Prep some overnight oats, add dried fruit into your porridge, use avocado and egg to amp up your toast.


When you get in from work, don’t just dump your stuff. Unpack what needs to be unpacked, and ready what you need for the morning. Go and get changed out of your work clothes, and sit down for five before starting dinner. Don’t leave the washing up until tomorrow – otherwise, it will all just pile up. Wash as you go, and then your plate when you’re done. Prep tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast, and grab a warm drink and settle down for the evening. Give yourself time to unwind away from the bed – that way your body only associates your bed as an area to sleep, and not one to lie awake in.

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