January 19, 2018

Online Health Products: Debunking The Mad Myths

Everyone is constantly striving for perfection when it comes to their health. There is always one friend who has found the latest diet and swears it’s going to have miraculous results. The truth is that if there was one magical product that could fix everybody’s lumps and bumps, you would know about it. The online world leads us to believe that it can solve all of our health problems with one tablet a day, a delicious strawberry milkshake or a bar made entirely of peanut butter. Realistically, we need to start seeing through these advertising campaigns. Many are complete nonsense and feed us false information via various social media platforms. It is true that our phones and social media can help our health in many ways. But you need to learn to scoop out the mad myths from the real home truths.

The Truth Behind Before & After Shots

It is truly a captivating thing when you see an impressive picture on Instagram of a scrawny guy next to a bulked up hunk. Did he really drink that shake every day for a month and transform from geeky to gorgeous? Before and after pictures are a common marketing technique that are used as a shock factor to potential consumers. Are these people real or are they on steroids? We can’t really be sure that any of the pictures we see online are real. Many companies use impressive lighting techniques and the models position themselves at flattering angles in order to make them look ripped. Take before and after photos with a pinch of salt and use your instincts. Is it even the same person? Or have they just thrown on some fake tan and cracked a smile? The truth lies within the advertising company and only they will ever know if they’re selling a reputable product.

Image By: Binyamin Mellish

Magic Marketing

There are an abundance of marketing techniques that are used online to promote health products, some of which you already know about. An increasingly popular one is celebrity endorsement. How many times have you scrolled through Instagram to see hundreds of celebrities advertising the same so-called health product? The reality is that health companies pay thousands for celebs to be pictured with their supplements or health snacks. They probably don’t actually use them. They are told exactly when and what to say in an online sponsor, so there is absolutely no meaning behind it. So next time you’re thinking about buying the latest hot product on the market, think about how it’s being advertised. It is most probably just an over-hyped sensation for that moment.

We all know that the key to health involves a simple balance of diet and exercise. There is no mystical tablet and no spellbinding shake that will fix all of our problems. As much as we want to believe in these ever growing health companies, many of them just don’t have a leg to stand on. If you’re looking to switch up your eating or gym regime check in with a registered nutritionist or personal trainer. The chances are they are holding the wonderful secret you’ve been waiting for. Do it right and forget the mad myths.

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