February 18, 2018

Studies Show Obese Parents Are Putting Their Babies In Danger


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They say you are what you eat and it looks like researchers have finally found evidence to support this claim. Scientists claim that obese parents put their children at risk due to the same genes and similar diets. Researchers are warning that it’s far more likely for children to have suffered from obesity if their parents had the same condition. But it’s not just obesity that might be the issue here. Researchers are also claiming that obese parents may cause their babies to experience other health problems. Issues such as brain damage, heart attacks, and strokes were all found to be more prevalent in children with obese parents. Why is this?

A Vicious Cycle


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This is how scientists are describing the phenomena that they have discovered in obese parents. Particularly, women who are overweight when they conceive a child. Experts warn that they are passing on the condition to their children, potentially due to their own eating habits. When a mother is pregnant with a child, the baby eats what they consume. Therefore, larger diets could affect the baby even before they are born. Researchers also suggest obese parents may be more likely to experience stillbirths.

The situation is so serious that researchers say women should be at a normal weight before they conceive. Unfortunately, obesity is now a major problem in almost every region across the world. In the UK, a report recently revealed that 100,000 years six children were classified as overweight. Therefore, it seems that a number of people are going to need advice on how to lose weight if they want to conceive.

Tackling Obesity


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If you’re trying to lose weight, you might have looked into various answers over the year. There is an abundance of solutions on the market right now. At a severe level, the best answer for obesity is always going to be surgery. At a certain weight, exercise just isn’t going to help you take off the extra pounds. You need something like metabolic surgery to control obesity. Once you have this, you’ll be able to get your weight gain under control, and you can then focus on losing it. Otherwise, any weight you lose you will eventually put back on.

Simple Questions, Simple Suggestions



Other researchers suggest that if you want to lose weight, the simplest answer is the best. You need to focus on reducing how much you eat. Smaller meals are better for you, compared to cutting certain foods out of your diet completely. If you eat lower quantities of food, you will see the weight start to drop off, that much is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter what your metabolism is or how much you exercise. Eating less could ultimately be the best solution.

Looking To The Future

It seems that we still don’t fully realize the effects our weight can have on our lives and the lives of our children. That’s why it’s important that as a society, we gain control of this health issue. Otherwise, we could be looking at an obesity epidemic in just a few years.

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