February 23, 2018

What Do You Do When You Get Caught Drinking & Driving?

If you can drive, you have probably driven under the influence of alcohol at some point in your life. I don’t want to say it is mandatory or an initiation process for new motorists because that would glorify it somewhat. But, it almost inevitable as most people lack the knowledge and willpower to know when to stop and get a cab. If you get caught and want some advice or have never been caught but want a backup plan just in case, here are your next steps.

The first thing to do is not panic. When people panic, they make rash decisions that are not in their best interests. Yes, you have been pulled over by the police, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to jail. If you panic, your imagination will get the better of you and exacerbate the situation. For example, if you get pulled over and drive off, you will be in a lot more trouble. Do what you the police tell you and stay calm.

Next, you need to consult a lawyer. To be frank, you are in trouble, and you need a person who knows the law to get you the best deal. If it is your first offence, there is a lot more leeway, or if you have been caught more than once, the sentence might be harsh. Law firms like Kraft & Associates will guide you through the process, so you know what your options are and what your best plea is.



Always make notes. While the incident is fresh in your head, think about the night’s events and write them down so you can tell your lawyer. The more information your defence team have, the more chance you have of getting a better deal. If you try and remember the details weeks after the facts, you are bound to make mistakes because memories are not perfect. That will come back to haunt you because it could make you look guiltier, or you could forget vital information.

Consider your plea. Of course, you don’t want to go to jail or anything like that, so you will always want to say you are not guilty. It is human nature. However, you might be guilty of the offence, and if you are, you need to tell the court you are guilty. It shows the powers that be that you understand the mistakes you have made and are ready to take responsibility for your actions. That will all be considered by the judge before they make their decision.

If this is not your first offence, you should seek help. You might not have a problem with beer, but you might have a problem with temptation or the thrill of the chase. Whatever the reason, a professional will be able to help you from committing the same mistake over and over. Also, it could reduce the length of your sentence if you attend a drink driving rehabilitation course.

Throughout all of this it is important not to drink and drive in the first place.

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