January 18, 2018

A new headache for the Clark government

It’s the last thing the Clark government needs: Another scandal.

Cabinet ministers Pat Bell and Shirley Bond are under fire for their alleged roles in trying to influence a 25-million dollar government project in Prince George.

At issue is whether Bell and Bond exerted pressure to secure funding for a wood development centre in their hometown of Prince George; then left two local businessman who put land together for the project out hundreds of thousands of dollars when they didn’t make the short list.

New Democrat M.L.A. Maurine Karagianis is calling for a full investigation. 

“These are very serious allegations, not to be taken lightly not to be brushed off by the jobs minister.”

Jobs Minister Pat Bell says he did nothing wrong by asking the Northern Development Trust to lend money to the unlucky developers.

“We do exactly that Mr. speaker, I’m sure the member opposite would do that if she had the opportunity as well.”

Premier Christy Clark is standing by her ministers. 

CKNW Vancouver News

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