January 17, 2018

Abbotsford Independent: Awards show a waste of taxpayer money

The independent candidate in Abbotsford West is demanding the Liberal government return the taxpayer money used to bring the Times of India Film awards to BC.

Moe Gill says the 11 million dollars of taxpayer money used to bring the first ever Indian film awards to BC is ethnic pandering at its worst.

“I think that, that is the taxpayers money and I think if they were going to have a show such as that, the film awards, I am sure that the producers of that who are going to bring the movie stars and actresses over they certainly coul d have raised enough to have the show and have the show done privately that the taxpayer putting the money up.”

Gill says people in the Indo-Canadian community in Abbotsford are simply not buying in to the awards show.

“And you know what they said we are not going to go to the show, not going to buy any tickets and go, because this is our taxpayer money and spent wrongly.”

Gill says the awards show goes hand in hand with the recent ethnic outreach scandal.

“Well it certainly it certainly is, look at the timing of it, the timing is the timing of the election.”

Gill says support for the Liberals in his riding is plummeting.

“Well the people are very upset with the Liberals and I don’t think the Liberals are going to get strong support in the city of Abbotsford at least.”   He also took a shot at his former friend and now rival in the riding, Mike de Jong, saying the finance minister is about to go on spending spree in the riding in bid to get re-elected.

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