February 25, 2018

Another Greyhound delay; passenger claims travellers left outside

A frustrated Greyhound passenger who was stranded in Kamloops when buses didn’t show up during the pre-Christmas rush says it’s happening again–this time in Banff.

Carson Loveday says the temperature was -7 Thursday evening, and other passengers told stranded travellers buses were running more than four hours late.

“The office is completely closed, there’s about 15-20 passengers waiting outside.  They’re all stranded.  It’s really cold outside.  There’s no staff, nobody knows what’s going on and no bathrooms as well.”

Loveday says he’s going to take a flight out Friday instead, but won’t be taking a Greyhound bus anytime soon.

Spokesperson for Greyhound, Maureen Richmond, says a bus that was supposed to leave Banff was delayed by about two hours.

It was supposed to leave at 8:45pm.

“There was a road closure at Roger’s Pass I believe, which then prohibited travel for a couple of hours.”

Richmond was asked whether it is normal for passengers to be left outside without bathroom facilities.

“Well it depends on what type of stop it is.  Sometimes we work out of terminal locations which are open twenty-four hours, others have more limited service.  In other cases, it’s just simply a bus stop or perhaps we’re operating out of a third party agency like a gas station or similar, so there’s not a specific or routine location that we might operate out of, each one is very different.”

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