February 22, 2018

Auditor General says spending problems persist for government

BC’s Auditor-General says progress has been made since he first rapped the legislative assembly over “substantial irregularities”, but problems persist and more must be done.

John Doyle also zeroes in on an expensive lease and renovations to the constituency office of Liberal MLA Eric Foster.

He says public money was used to pay not only the 67-thousand dollar lease, but 51-thousand dollars in renovations, and the landlord may be conducting private business on premises paid for with public money.

Doyle also says previously missing invoices have now been submitted, but with no date stamp, raising “serious concerns” as to when they were actually added to the legislative record. 

Foster is paying back that money via deductions from his constituency allowance.

The legislative assembly is calling the arrangement an “exception”, and is considering hiring a leasing expert to help guide decisions in the future. 


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