February 19, 2018

BC Liberal candidate facing six charges for not filing corporate tax returns

The BC Liberal candidate for Surrey Panorama is in court facing charges under the income tax act.

Sukh Dhaliwal is facing six charges after a company he is president of failed to file income tax returns from 2004 to 2010.

Dhaliwal says he is working to resolve the situation.

He was asked if paying his taxes might be a better solution than a court battle.

“I mean I ..uh…I am working with my accountants and lawyers and they are the ones you know who are suggesting and I will follow the process.”

Dhaliwal says the matter is before the courts but he is taking full responsibility.

As for what the BC Liberals think about it.
“The only time that I heard about these charges was after I became the candidate so the party knows about it know and I told them the same thing that my active companies Dhaliwal and associates land surveying and my personal taxes they are up to date.”
Dhaliwal says he made a mistake in trusting other people to run the company where he and his wife are listed as the sole directors.

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