February 19, 2018

BC Police Complaints Commissioner loses Wu case

The B-C Police Complaint Commissioner has lost an appeal to call a public hearing into the Yao Wei Wu case of alleged police misconduct.

The B-C Court of Appeal has dismissed the Commisioner’s request to hold a public hearing into the Vancouver man’s case.

Three years ago two police officers attending a domestic dispute call mistook Wu for someone else and beat him up.

The officers were cleared of wrongdoing but the Complaint Commissioner tried to hold a public hearing into what happened to preserve public confidence in police discipline.

BC’s highest court has now unanamously ruled no, saying he did not have the authority to do so, at that time and in those circumstances.

The Judges have ruled it’s not up to them to decide whether the officers should have been cleared or not, only to decide on the Commissioner’s jurisdiction, which they have denied.

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