February 19, 2018

BCNU not interested in 10 year deal with province

While the Premier confirms she wants to get BC nurses signed to a 10 year deal, the idea seems to be a non-starter with the union itself.

BCNU President Deb McPherson just last week was asked if the nurses are in talks, or even interested, in a ten year contract.

“No no no. We had started out this last round of bargaining looking to settle maybe a four year agreement because the magnitude of changes in terms of staffing and shift scheduling and so on in this current agreement are significant and it will take us a couple of years to implement it so we were looking to have a bit of time to do that work.”

McPherson says there has been some talk of an extension of the nurses two year deal but no bargaining.

She says if the NDP form government they could face a fiscal situation so tight it could work against nurses when the current deal expires.

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