January 17, 2018

BCNU union friction

Despite several raids on other unions and criticism from labour leaders, the president of the BC nurses union says she is a team player. 
Deb Mcpherson says she takes issue with accusation the BCNU is ‘cozy with the province, “The BC nurses union is a non-partisan organization and we work with which ever government is in place. We also criticize which ever government is in place at the time if we do not see them doing the right thing by the nurses and the patients.”

Mcpherson says she is also disappointed with the stance taken against the BCNU by other unions, “My intent is always good, I am on the high road, do you want to work with me then come on along because there is a lot of room at the table of victory, right.”

McPherson says she is willing to work with other labour groups.
“It is unfortunate that the other unions have taken the position they have taken however we believe we have done the right thing, clearly the 7200 LPN’s believe we have done the right thing.”

While Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid spoke at the nurses union convention there were no NDP MLA’s on the speakers list.

 “You will have to ask them that question we did invite Adrian Dix and or the Health critic to join us but they indicated they are unavailable.”

Adrian Dix was a featured speaker at the Hospital Employees Union convention last November.

 The BCNU successfully raided LPN’s away from the HEU in October.

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