February 22, 2018

Chilliwack must chlorinate water full-time

Following weeks of arguments, Fraser Health has ordered that Chilliwack’s water must be chlorinated, effectively immediately.

Chilliwack residents and the mayor have been arguing for weeks that their drinking water supply does not need chlrorine.

Fraser Health officials have disagreed, saying they do need a second disinfectant after e-coli was discovered more than once.

The authority has now flexed its muscle under the Drinking Water Protection Act to require permanent chlorination.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz says council is extremely disappointed, but they have no option but to comply.

Residents also didn’t want to pay for the 1.5 million-dollar upgrade, and were concerned about health hazards.

Hundreds of people turned out at a rally last week, and MLA John Les even stepped in.

CKNW Vancouver News

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