January 23, 2018

City to get much more music but not on the radio

Vancouver City Councillors have approved a pilot project that aims to see more arts and cultural events held in smaller venues

The two year pilot project essentially paves the way for organizers of underground concerts to actually get permits for their events. It would allow smaller venues such as coffee shops, warehouses and art galleries to hold concerts twice a month without fully upgrading their building but still sticking basic  safety requirements.

Councillor  Heather Deal says this will help crack open and protect the underground music scene, “I am just thrilled about this. I am  looking forward to going to a lot of licenses  events in all kinds of spaces throughout the city and again I can’t wait to get through the pilot so I can see how we can make it even better.”

Event organizers had argued to hold more than two such events a month but that was not approved.

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