February 23, 2018

Coal transfer terminal on the Fraser River causes outrage among climate change advocates

A community meeting is being held this evening about a proposed coal transer terminal on the Fraser River in Surrey.

If the terminal goes ahead, the coal would come in by train and be transferred to barges, and taken to Texada Island.

It would then be exported to Asia.

Kevin Washbrook with the group, “Voters Taking Action Against Climate Change” is one of the organizers of the meeting, “I think the big question we need to ask ourselves right now is do we want to be the doormat for US coal companies? They’re basically wiping their feet on the Lower Mainland as they export their product to Asia.  There’s no benefit for BC in exporting American coal out of Surrey and we need to ask ourselves why would we do this?”

In January, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority decided to allow Neptune Bulk terminals in North Vancouver to be expanded.

Capacity of coal exports from there will approximately double.

Tonight’s meeting is at 7:00 at the City Centre Library in Surrey.

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