February 18, 2018

DTES chosen for new condo project

The Vancouver Development Permit Board has voted unanimously in favor of a new condo project in the Downtown Eastside.   The 24-units will go up in the 500 block of East Cordova in the Oppenheimer Park neighborhood.

Ivan Drury who often speaks on behalf of many residents of the area says city hall should have instead purchased the land and put up social housing, “This project is particularily important in the Oppenheimer district because it’s the last area for the low income community. All around it in Gastown, Chinatown, Victory Square and even now in eastern sections of the downtown eastside, land is being lost to real estate speculation and high end condo development.”

Drury says until the existing community can be protected, it’s irresponsible for the city to allow the project to go ahead.

CKNW Vancouver News

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