February 23, 2018

Dyble report finds breaches of conduct, mis-use of government resources

The Dyble report (read highlights of the report here) on the ethnic voting scandal is out and it’s more bad news for the BC Liberals.


John Dyble has identified partisan activity among some government officials that breached the public service standards of conduct, and that some government resources were mis-used as part of this botched and flawed ethnic outreach plan.

The report finds some officials did not draw a boundary between their partisan and government roles, inappropriate activity occured around the procurement of community liason contractors, confidential information such as contact lists from government events was inappropriately sent to personal email accounts and there were two serious instances of government resources being misused.

There was no evidence in this report that Premier Christy Clark was aware of or participated in anything inappropriate.

However, former cabinet minister John Yap is on record in this report as saying personal emails were being used to avoid Freedom of Information.

The Premier, in a written statement, says she accepts all of the recommendations.

One recommendation here is to consider further disciplinary action.

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