February 18, 2018

Expert Recommended Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

There is a growing fear that at some point you will find you have cancer. It seems likely, considering an estimated one in three are going to develop one form of cancer in their lifetime. But let’s back up for one moment because this sounds like fear mongering. Yes, it may be true that one in three people will develop cancer but not all cancers are life threatening. Some are very treatable and can be dealt with quickly if caught early. As well as this many experts believe most forms of cancer are preventable if you live your life the right way. Here is what they recommend.

Protect Your Skin

We are in the middle of summer now and the sun is shining all over the world. Many of us will be on our holidays, perhaps on those precious last two weeks before work. We want to impress our colleagues and come back with gorgeous bronze skin, looking like a greek god. We may even try and beat the odds and get a fake tan if the weather has been poor. Many people believe that the best way to get a good tan is to let your skin burn and then heal. But if you do this, you are dramatically increasing your chances of getting skin cancer. Be smart and always wear sunscreen. Looking good is not as important as staying healthy.

Bad Habits Be Gone

We have all heard the stories of an eighty-year-old woman who smoked all her life and died of old age. Or the man who drank till his heart was content and never developed a problem with his liver. We may even have wished that could be us because both drinking and smoking relieve stress. But the fact is there is no way of telling how susceptible your body is to the problems smoking and drinking cause. The best way to reduce the risk of developing a disease like cancer to avoid both alcohol and smoking as much as possible.

Saving Costs Or Saving Your Life

Medical bills are getting more expensive and because of this a worrying trend is developing. People are using less prescription drugs to minimise the bills. But often a small problem can become severe without the right treatment. If you want to reduce the risk of developing a disease like cancer, make sure you take your medicine. If you want to reduce costs, get a prescription card instead. You will receive big discounts on medicine at all major stores.



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Screenings are scary, we admit it. We hate going to a medical screening and then waiting for the letter to tell us that we are in the all clear. But, you should still go to the available screenings. As we already said, most cancers can be treated if they are caught early. Even if you have one of the worse types, it is always better to know sooner rather than later. You are not safer not knowing.

Live your life this way and experts say your chance of developing cancer will be greatly reduced.

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