February 19, 2018

Family Day not such a great deal for small businesses

Monday marks BC’s first annual Family Day, and as some big chain businesses are taking advantage of the holiday, small businesses are taking a hit.

Tourism Whistler is enthusiastic over the new statutory holiday.

Jay Maynard, Travel Consultant for Tourism Whistler, says he personally started booking for the long weekend as far back as October 2012.

 “We’ve generally had a huge success, pretty much booked up over the last three weeks.”

But Mike Klassen with Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses says small businesses are not as enthusiastic.

” It’s the Government that gets the glory, but small business operators paying the bill. There are costs as high as over eleven hundred dollars for a small business of five employees or less.”

Those costs come from paying holiday pay at one and a half time normal wages, and giving employees another paid day off.

Klassen is encouraging people to consider shopping at local small businesses to help make up for the losses.

Meanwhile Charles Gauthier, Executive Director for the Downtown Business Improvement Association says for most small businesses this first BC Family Day will be a trial.

“I think it’s going to be sort of an interesting situation to watch. I think what we’re going to see is a bit of a mixed bag for the first family day. I think a lot of businesses will then make decision in the future whether or not to stay open.”

Gauthier adds foot traffic will be a major factor.

He says businesses in busy areas like the downtown core will most likely do well while those in quieter areas may struggle.

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