January 23, 2018

Federal budget will drive Canadian shoppers stateside in droves

The Consumers Association of Canada is warning people to brace for higher prices after the federal government hiked import duties on some countries, including China.

President Bruce Cran says it is a certainty people will see the price of goods go up.
“That is going to cost I believe something like 300-million dollars and the thing that surprised us I guess is that this is more fodder and more interest in people going across the line to shop just to survive and I think it is a very serious matter and that is the way we are looking at it.”

Cran says consumers will also go online in more numbers to try and save some money, money that will leave the Canadian economy.

“I think it is pretty sad at a time when you know hundreds of millions of fliers are going across the line for starters and then on an almost daily basis are crossing the line to take advantage of prices that are already with differentials of 15 to 30 percent.”

Cran says he has little hope the feds will change course and re-instate countries like China and India back onto a list for import tax breaks.

“Perhaps they would if enough people complained. Sadly in Canada we take almost everything that is thrown at us at some point in time I keep hoping that the last straw will go onto the camel’s back and people will take umbrage at what is happening. My own feeling is that this won’t mean much to Canadians in that respect we will defend ourselves by crossing the line to shop.”

He says his group will let Ottawa know they think it is a bad move.

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