February 18, 2018

Five people stabbed at Saanich hotel

One man is in custody after five people were stabbed at a hotel in Saanich Saturday afternoon.

It happened at the Red Lion Inn in the 3200 block of Douglas Street.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen says police were called shortly after 4 pm.

Officers did a room-by-room and hallway-by-hallway search of the business end of the hotel, and found five victims in total.

“I am told by some of our initial officers here that they were met with chaos, they were you know, multiple people here, this is a busy establishment where there’s restaurants and a couple of licensed establishments and a liquor store, let alone the suites, so, a very chaotic scene, and we are dealing with multiple crime scenes throughout the front half of the business side of the hotel.”

Jantzen didn’t have the suspect’s age or whether he is known to police.

He says there is a relationship between the suspect and the hotel, but is not saying what that is.

All the victims were taken to hospital but are expected to be fine.

People staying in rooms in the back part of the hotel have been allowed to stay.


CKNW Vancouver News

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