February 25, 2018

IHIT now involved after Surrey man found

Police are confirming that the body found in a Surrey car last night is that of a man reported missing on the weekend.

The Intergrated Homicide Investigation Team say it was 29 year old Vimal Chand found dead at about eight last night in a car in the 6600 block of 140th street.

Neighbors said the car had been sitting in the same place for days.

Chand’s family reported him missing on the weekend, saying they last saw him Saturday night.

A Facebook group dedicated to finding him was set up Monday, but in the wee hours of this morning the administrator thanked everyone for their help but says he had passed away.

Back in 2006 a man with the same name – and born in 1983 – was charged with a number of offenses including assualt with a weapon and extortion and unlawful confinement.

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