January 18, 2018

Labour unions turn to the internet to fund legal battle with HD Mining

Labour unions challenging the Temporary Foreign Workers’ permit issued to HD Mining have turned to the internet to fund its legal battle.

The unions involved say the legal battle has now cost over $ 200,000 to date.

The website – labourspeaksout.com – allows people, who want to help pay for the legal costs, to donate online.

The unions have forced a judicial review of HD Mining’s Temporary Foreign Worker permit.

The judicial review will take place April 9th to 11th and it is the first review of its kind into the federal program.

Unions are fighting the permit issued to HD Mining after the company tried to bring in 200 temporary foreign workers from China to its coal mine near Tumbler Ridge.

The unions says qualified Canadian workers were overlooked for those jobs.

CKNW Vancouver News

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