January 17, 2018

Letter to the editor in Nanaimo sparks outrage

A letter to the editor published in the Nanaimo Daily newspaper has gone viral on social media as people express shock over what is being called a racist diatribe.

The title sets the tone “Educate first nations to be modern citizens.”

The letter, written by Don Olsen, uses point form to say among other things First Nations couldn’t come up with the wheel or even a written language.

Olsen then says aboriginals couldn’t figure out things like math, science, or astronomy.

He says they had no written music and only managed to figure out the drum and rattle.

It goes on.

The letter says First Nations are just now getting caught up to the rest of the world and have a history “notable only for underachievement.”

It then wraps up by saying it is time to educate First Nations, doing away with culture, and making sure they pay taxes like “modern citizens.”

The article is being blasted on Twitter and the paper has deleted the online article itself as of this morning.

A Facebook group has already been formed to urge people and First Nations groups to protest outside the Nanaimo Daily news at noon today.

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