February 22, 2018

Liberal cabinet minister wants complaining back benchers to shut up

Premier Christy Clark doesn’t seem worried but at least one cabinet minister is getting fed up with complaining from the Liberal back bench.

The latest to publicly criticize the Premier is her former leadership rival Kevin Falcon, but several other MLA’s have recently let it be known they’re not happy with the boss.

Clark herself shrugs it off.

“Well you know what, I don’t know what motivates anybody’s comments…”

But Community Minister Bill Bennett is getting fed up.

“Well there’s an issue with a whole bunch of people who aren’t running again and aren’t invested the same way that you are when you are running, so you think you can just say whatever you feel like saying and there’s no consequences and for them I guess there aren’t.”

As for Falcon himself, he seems to have gone to ground and was not making any comments today.

CKNW Vancouver News

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