February 18, 2018

Louie sent back to jail

A provincial court judge has suspended the conditonal sentence given Del Louie, and sent him back to back to jail for 60-days, minus seven he’s already served.

Louie is the man who viciously beat bus driver Charles Dixon two years ago.

Louie violated his curfew on March 9th. 

His laywer says he’s “very remorseful” and admits it was “poor judgment”. 

He said Louie has stayed sober after his mother died from a fatal overdose several months ago, and while  there is no excuse for the breach, Louie has taken ownership of his mistakes and he’s concerned the progress made will disappear if he’s incarcerated.

In passing judgment today, the judge said “there must be repercussions” for what Louie did.

CKNW Vancouver News

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