February 17, 2018

Mayor of Langley city wants a shot at provincial politics

The Mayor of Langley city is trying to play coy but the cat is out of the bag and he will soon announce a jump into provincial politics.

Peter Fassbender say if you are a betting person you will put two and two together ahead of his announcement tomorrow in the riding of Surrey Fleetwood.

Fassbender admits he doesn’t live in the riding but feels he can win it away from the NDP.

“I believe that it is a riding that can be won by the BC Liberals again i think that the people in that riding need a very clear choice and I believe that it is a riding that can be won by the BC Liberals who are going to form the next government.”

If he takes the riding, Langley city will be out a mayor.

“I am not a person who is going to try and wear a mayors hat and an MLA’s hat I will make the appropriate decisions as the future unfolds but you know as I said I think that riding is one that can be won.”

The official announcement will be made tomorrow morning at 8:15.

The riding is held by NDP MLA Jagrup Brar.

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