January 17, 2018

Mayor tackles two issues

It has been a week and chlorine is still in Chilliwack’s drinking water and the city’s Mayor is not happy about it.

Last Wednesday, water in one area of Chilliwack tested positive for a minute level of e-coli prompting emergency chlorination of the water.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz says all tests since have come back clean. She adds, people in Chilliwack want their water back, “Of course, when we chlorinated the Greendale area, because we are on a loop system, chlorine has gone through the entire city. The first day I received a lot of comment from people who were not appreciating it. A lot of questions from people who, for the first time, all of a sudden realized what they lost in the taste and in the odourless water that we had.”

Gaetz says the city is powerless as it is entirely up to Fraser Health to decide when, or if, to stop chlorinating the water.

On another topic, the City of Chilliwack plans to send a strong message after Indian restaurants in the city were targets of racist emails.

Mayor Gaetz says ‘cash mobs’ will jam the two restaurants this Friday to show them the city cares, “We have worked together with the owners to get them ready as the people of Chilliwack will descend on the Bay Leaf Restaurant and the Shandhar Hut on Friday night. We have told them to be patient, there may be line ups as people are trying to get into the restaurant to show their support. We have asked them if they can consider take-out as well.”

Gaetz says the local Mounties know who is behind the letters and have asked him to turn himself in.
The letters were sent to the two restaurants and a taxi company last Thursday.

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