February 22, 2018

Minister says cell phones are a fact of life for users

BC’s Attorney-General says the current laws aren’t working but she will not allow police to seize cell phones to crack down on distracted driving.

The BC Chiefs of Police Association is kicking around a few ideas to reduce distracted driving including the seizure of cell phones from repeat offenders.
Shirley Bond however, says that won’t happen, “You know, I’m certainly not considering the seizure of cell phones.”

But Bond says she still sees people talking or texting while behind the wheel and she’s open to new ideas, “The police are targeting these drivers; it’s not making a difference. Again, we have to look at creative ways.”

Police also suggest doubling the 167 dollar fine. Bond is not committing to that idea just yet. 

How does the NDP feel about seizing cell phones?
“I don’t think there’s any enthusiasm in our caucus to seize peoples’ cell phones. The fact is, they have become important devices for personal safety. People literally live in and with their cell phones, information, contacts, all kinds of things.”

Attorney-General critic Leonard Krog says he doesn’t think trying to combat cell use while driving warrants that kind of intervention by the government.
Would the NDP make any changes in terms of deterrence?
Krog says he’d look at anything that would deter people, but he would want to look at statistics to see what accidents, deaths, and injuries are being caused by improperly using cell phones.

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