February 22, 2018

NDP facing questions over so-called ‘slush-fund’

The NDP was on the defensive in Victoria today over a half million dollar pool of money that the Liberals say was being misused.

But the opposition says it did nothing wrong.

It didn’t take long in Question Period for the Liberals to make hay with the story, alleging the pooling of constituency money to pay for partisan activities was improper.

“That apparently Mr. Speaker,  is a rule that this leader of the opposition and his colleagues have chosen to ignore.”

But NDP caucus chair Shane Simpson told reporters the opposition did nothing wrong and the Liberals are throwing mud to distract from their ethnic outreach scandal.

“What they did was unethical and it was wrong. What we did was appropriate.”

But Simpson concedes the party erred in using the fund to cover caucus deficits-he blames bad advice from the legislature’s comptroller.

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