February 18, 2018

New Bid To Make Factories Safer For Workers


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The rates of fatalities in factories can be anything up to a few hundred each year. That’s insane. Every year, hundreds of people die simply by going into work in the morning. Imagine, how you would feel if each time you stepped into the office your life was being put in danger. It’s clear then that more needs to be done to protect factory workers. Recently, there has been a fresh surge of support to protect the workers in our factories. But the question remains, what should businesses be doing to protect their workers.

Obey Healthy And Safety Regulations


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Many of the accidents in factories are caused by workers and owners not abiding by strict regulations. These regulations are put in place to provide legal safety for business owners and actual safety for workers. It’s true that many business owners aren’t intentionally ignoring these regulations. They change so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep track of. That’s why many industry experts recommend business owners hire a health and safety advisor. There are numerous law firms that provide this service to business owners. It’s well worth looking into.

Upgraded Tech


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Businesses also need to think about using and implementing tech that makes factory floors safer for workers. Factories are often harsh environments. This type of environment can cause weaker tech to fail. That’s why business owners need to invest in more durable technology for their factory floors. A Membrane switch is the perfect example of this. Membrane switches are easy to use and durable. This makes it less likely for safety equipment to fail, resulting in a tragic accident.

It’s also worth getting the tech and machinery in your factory checked at least once a year. That way, you will know if there is a specific machine or area of your factory that needs replacing. You can arrange equipment checks online, so there’s no excuse.

Train Employees

An estimated sixty percent of drivers who pass their driving test would fail after three years. This shows the importance of continuous training. Without it, workers will forget skills and procedures that could ultimately be the difference between life and death. Again, training can be arranged for industry workers online through outsourcing companies. They will ensure that your workers have all the information they need to keep the floor of your factory safe. Remember, it’s not just about safety training. For your factory to have the best advantage, your workers should be fully trained in all areas.

Avoid Cutting Corners

Finally, it’s hoped that most business owners aren’t cutting corners to get a product ready and delivered on time. But the truth is there’s every chance some of these accidents will be caused by rushed production. Business owners must understand that the safety of their workers is more important than a faster production. A faster production might lead to higher profits. But, high fatality rates or injuries could result in a factory being closed down for good.

It’s clear that more needs to be done to protect factory workers. Steelworkers, in particular, have ridiculous high injury rates. But the responsibility of safety in the factory will always be that of the business owner.

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