February 22, 2018

New Care Cards look to cut down on fraud

New Care Cards will begin rolling out at the end of this week as the province tries to put a stop to health care fraud.

Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says the new card has features which will help cut down on Care Card fraud in the province.

“With a lot more security features. It is going to have photo identification and people will have the choice in having a combined drivers licence and BC Services card or they can have them separate but the services card will be replacing the Care Card our current Care Card.”

However while MacDiarmid says there is some fraud happening she can’t say how much it is costing taxpayers.

“There is a lot of estimates out there and I don’t think there is anything difinitive you know people have made estimates and I don’t think it is a good idea to do that but we do believe there is some fraud and we believe there is some safety issues around it as well as the monetary issues.”

The card will be in the mail as of Friday and it is still free to get, although drivers licence fees still apply.

Users will also have to re-enrol in the medical services program every five years.

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