January 17, 2018

Options tabled to replace/upgrade the George Massey tunnel

The province is moving into ‘phase two’ of public consultations over replacing or improving the George Massey tunnel.

People are being pitched five different options which start with improving the existing tunnel and surrounding interchanges.

The second plan is to build a brand new tunnel right beside the existing one with the original George Massey eventually being shut down once the replacement is up and running.

Other options also look at doing away with the tunnel entirely in favour of going with a new bridge at the same location.  

Or combining the two ideas to enhance traffic flow by keeping the tunnel but adding another tunnel or perhaps bridge beside it to handle additional vehicle flow.

Last but not least option five would be to shore up the existing George Massey tunnel and then add another brand new crossing upstream, either a new bridge or tunnel, perhaps at No. 8 Rd.

All the options include upgrading nearby interchanges and the entire 99 highway all the way to the U.S. border.

If you want to see all the details of each of the 5 George Massey tunnel options cut and paste the link below and look at pages 8-13.


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