January 17, 2018

Parents want to participate in mental health resources for youth

One of the parents in a meeting with BC’s Health Minister left with some hope help is coming for kids dealing with mental health issues. However, she says any solution is a long way off.

Kelly Bradley says over the short term parents will be left to deal with kids in crisis with no help from hospitals.   Bradley says, for parents, it is not fair, “I think in a lot of situations, parents are put aside and not consulted enough. I think that there is a lot of blame and there is a lot of stigma still around mental illness and mental health, even within the Health Authorities. So, I think that there has to be a lot more education out there in addition to services.”

Bradley says parents want a say in the treatment of their kids. They also want more of a role for child psychiatrists.

CKNW Vancouver News

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